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Each independent film can be seen by its fans all the lifetime. 

It can live a long life being seen by its fans and finding new ones. 

We reveal the world of independent films to every film lover, suggesting to him/her the most relevant films of a large number of talented works. 

Our film festival aims to highlight actual films to their fans. 

We apply expert recommendations and KYC (know your client) principle to give the most we can.

We bring fans to every independent film and show films to the relevant audience.

Everyone enjoys his/her favorite films in the extraordinary film world! 

Market experts find out them and recommend films you most likely fall in love with.  

We sort out all the independent films by their niches and promote them to fans. 

IndieForYou is NOT a distributor or a VOD service, it’s a unique GUIDE for viewers to independent films located on the external links. We recommend independent films among our catalog to relevant viewers.

We do not take your rights and upload screeners, we redirect users to the external links with the screeners. So you can locate your film on different services including Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Youtube, and others and we redirect users to those links. 

Users can donate to the filmmakers any sum via PayPal.

Independent films are fresh, real, natural, true and non-adapted for the masses.

So the correct target audience is very important for independent filmmakers. 

Just sign up for free, fill the form with your preferences and wait for your favorite films you can watch and festivals you can attend online. 


If you are a filmmaker, submit your film to one of our festivals and we include your film in the service so you can receive your fans. 

Benefits for filmmakers:

You receive fans for your independent film

You receive donations from your fans

You receive fans to your own accounts with your films (Vimeo, Youtube, Amazon, etc), including premium accounts with pay-per-click options.

You can watch independent films the most relevant to your preferences

You can attend festivals live online, highlight your film, easily meet fans and pros.

Festival Awards, Certificates, and cash prizes 

Receive job & sales opportunities

Life-time earnings from your independent films

Just sign up, submit your film and wait for your fans!

Free for films officially selected to our niche film festivals

Benefits for film-lovers:

Receive personal expert recommendations, watch films, attend festivals for free* 

You can watch independent films the most relevant to your preferences

You should not search for your favorite films, we send you recommendations.

You can attend festivals live online, easily meet fans, filmmakers and pros. 

* - if films are not located on pay-per-view services 

Read more information below or contact us to learn more  

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In brief:

The target audience is critically important for independent filmmakers. 

We accumulate and focus our users on the most relevant independent films they would like to watch. 

We do not take filmmakers' rights or/and screeners, we forward users on links to screeners. So filmmakers can locate their films on different sites including Amazon, Vimeo, and others and we forward users on their links. 

We also show films at easy-accessed online film festivals dedicated to different genres and themes, so we highlight independent films there. 

We research the preferences of our viewers and recommend them the most relevant films and festivals to watch and attend. 

So we are forming the target fan audience for each film. 

Read the long read below or contact us to learn more  

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Cinema, like real soul food, can be divided into two types.


The first type includes films produced by major studios with huge budgets for scriptwriting, production, and promotion. These films are being watched by the masses because of budgets doing their work.


The second type is independent filmmaking. There are no big budgets for scripts, for film production and promotion, but this is pure cinema, which is natural, alive, fresh.

Independent films are very individual, they can highlight the subjects avoided by the majors, who are not able to take into account the needs of each while hunting the mass audience.

Independent films are like a dinner prepared especially for you, way you like the most! As if preparing by your personal chef.

So the main goal for an independent filmmaker is to share his/her film with its target audience.


Our international enthusiastic team has been involved in independent filmmaking for over 15 years. Among us, there are award-winning filmmakers, producers, sales and other indie film fans from the US, UK, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Argentina, Russia who do the best for creating the widest audience for independent films.


The main goal for an independent filmmaker is to find an audience. However, the audience itself wants to watch films that touch their souls. So the film and the audience are looking for each other. We just need to focus them out on their favs.


Now we have the opportunity to suggest independent films personally to a viewer according to his/her preferences.

We know each of our viewers and filmmakers and suggest films that should touch them from the bottom of the heart. We do not use any artificial intelligence or user tracking systems, we watch all the films and recommend them to viewers who could fall in love with them.




We make the viewer and filmmaker meet each other as simple and convenient as possible, via the Internet, through direct communication, without leaving your favorite sofa or directly from the production studio.

We do not take filmmakers' rights or/and screeners, we forward users on links to screeners. So filmmakers can locate their films on different sites including Amazon, Vimeo, Youtube and others and we forward users on their links. 


We hold film festivals LIVE ONLINE  to a wide range of genres, themes, and niches in the simplest and most accessible format, where filmmakers and viewers can watch movies, meet,  chat, get to know each other, and become real fans from any part of the World.


We place all the films in their boxes (niches) and invite viewers who should enjoy these films the most.


We make film collections and offer them to the audience, who would love it.


We ask you politely: what do you like? what movie do you want to watch? Choose a genre, subgenre, let us know your preferences like a production country, or favorite actors/actress, or favorite directors, any special information that we take into account tuning the recommendations especially for you. Do not be afraid of being too picky: describe your tastes to us as accurately as possible, so we are able to suggest you films which will impress you.

Please, fill the form for us to receive the best films for you.


A FILMMAKER receives the opportunity to share his/her film with its target audience through our film festivals, collections, and suggestions.


A FILM FAN enjoys discovering new, fresh independent films just for him/her.


Join us and enjoy watching films!


BONUSES and the Partnership Program. 

Each can earn participating in different parts of our service. 

Each registered site member has his/her own account balance, we add there the bonuses according to the list below. So anyone can use the sums in our platform or transfer to his/her PayPal account. 

How can you get the bonuses: 


  • Fill the preference form +2

  • Active attendance in live-online festivals +2 (festival administration discretion)

  • Your film has been selected to one of our festivals +2

  • Your film has been awarded one of our festivals +3 / each award

  • Your film has received any special sign of our festivals (Best Making-Of video, Best Introduction video etc) +2 / each sign

  • Video review about our festivals (one video review per one festival) +1


Partnership program:

  • Your partner has submitted his/her film to our festival +0.5 per each submission

  • Your partner has bought a ticket for our festival +0.5 per each ticket

  • Your partner has subscribed to the exclusive channel +1

  • Your partner has donated to any filmmaker +15% of the donation sum. 

Who we are:

We're an international team of filmmakers, producers, it-specialists, designers and many other film lovers and film pros from the US, UK, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Austria, Germany are creating and developing this service for you. 

Our co-founder Sergey Gribkov (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1463678) has been involved in the film production business since 1999, shot full-length films, tv-series, and more, he was a jury member of the Geneva Film Festival. 

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