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How the film lover can find exclusive films to watch?

How the filmmaker can raise his fan audience and get funds for his film?

How to attend the venue safely and cheaply to talk to film fans, filmmakers, market professionals? 

We sort out all the independent films by their genre niches and promote them to niche fans using: 


The films on our site have different ways to be watched:

  • Youtube or Vimeo links (for free)

  • Paid links (Amazon Prime, Vimeo On Demand etc)

  • Exclusive Channel Video (subscription $4.9/mo)

  • Free Online Cinema (for free)

  • In an online screening room at a film festival (tickets can be purchased)


The Channel subscriber can take tickets for events and submit his/her films to our film festivals for free. 


How to earn with Indie For You.

Each site member can earn on independent films receiving bonuses (1 bonus = $1) to his/her account balance. Attend film festivals, watch films, write reviews, upload your films to our catalog and you will receive bonuses you can transfer to your PayPal account. Learn more


If you’re a filmmaker:

Every month we collect all the channel subscription fees and share 85% of the sum with the filmmakers-rightsholders according to their film views. 

Besides, you receive bonuses for unique views of your film page in our catalog.

Moreover, fans can donate to you any sum.

Independent films are fresh, real, natural, and true. So the correct target audience is very important for independent filmmakers. 


Otherwise, for film fans, it’s very important to find out more exclusive films to get the most out of the brilliant cinema world. 

​Just sign up for free, fill the form with your preferences, watch the best independent films, attend film festivals live-online, earn on it, and enjoy! 

If you are a filmmaker, submit your film to our festivals or/and include it in our exclusive channels to get the most out of your film, to increase your fan audience, to enjoy! 

Who we are:

We're an international team of filmmakers, producers, it-specialists, designers, and many other film lovers and film pros from the US, UK, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Austria, Germany are creating and developing this service for you. 

Our co-founder Sergey Gribkov (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1463678) has been involved in the film production business since 1999, shot full-length films, tv-series, and more, he was a jury member of the Geneva Film Festival. 

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