For filmmakers & Rightholders

For filmmakers & rightsholders

How to earn on IndieForYou:


Indie For You pays you for your film and for your activity! 

Check out your account here:

We reward you points. 1 point = $1. 

If you have 20 or more points, you can place an order to withdraw the sum to your PayPal account. 


Upload your film here for free


And get the most out of Indie For You:

1. Submit your film to our film festivals

2. Place your film to the Indie For You film catalog with an external link (YouTube or Vimeo).

We pay: 1 point per every 100 unique views your film page


To place: just contact us by email:

3. Include your film in our streaming channels. We have the main streaming channel and thematic channels under the collections

Your film will be published:

 a. on your own film page (Example:

 b. In the main streaming channel

 c. In at least one of thematic streaming channels (Example:

You can determine the period of publishing (not less than 1 month).

You can terminate publishing and republish your film later.

We pay (monthly): 85% of channel’s subscription fees shared to filmmakers according to their film views + 70% of Pay per view of your own film page

To place:

4. You can have your own exclusive channel with your newest films regularly uploaded.

We pay (monthly): 70% of subscription fees  

To place: just contact us by email:

Besides, you can receive additional points:

The Best Film Award Winner, The Audience Award Winner, The Fan Award Winner of Indie For You Film Festival or MinIndie Film Festival - 20 points each

#1 of Top 10 Most Popular Exclusive Films of the month - 50 points

#1 of Top 10 Most Popular Film in Cinema of the month - 20 points

#1 of Top 10 Most Popular Film of the month - 10 points

and more


The full list you can find here:

To leave your film in our catalog, just let us know by email:

Besides, anyone can donate to you via your film page. 


Please, don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions


Dated: July 04, 2020

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