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Latest experience

Alexander Sparinsky

I’m really impressed and satisfied about presentation of my works at your platform: promising that newest films I'm working now will be presented there as well. I am a composer in my main specialty. But, it is the active feedback helped me earlier and helps today continue to work on creating my own films today. After all, authors create their works primarily for the audience. Therefore, my permanent attempts at your festivals as well as awarding by various festivals worldwide opens new dimension for my creativity and help me at this way so much. It is a wonderful experience to check own creativity and professionalism in practice. Thank Indie For You very much for their interest to my shorts and for their interest to Ukrainian animation as a whole!

Hermann Kayode

I didnt won this time but its total fine cause the movies involved were great, really well done for the most part Some with surprising twists (like ATAVISTIC ), the other with surprising graphics designs ideas (like 33 % ) I also loved how Life (la vida ) was filmed and created. Majority of these movies deserves their victory so congrats to the winners !

Escuela de Cine Ciudad Real

It has been incredible, I feel very fortunate to be selected as a finalist and to have already won 4 times, I owe everything to my team, the festival is fantastic in the organization and in the speed of response, my congratulations

hermann kayode

It was Great ! I first got in, selected and then i won again after my second attempt at one of your festivals, Thanks very much for this ! The enitre crew of films were great, very different but great with a lot of work in each of them, i encourage everybody to watch all of them, dont miss it ! Great communication, very responsive like i said earlier and i hope we met again

Ruben Hengesbach

Everithing has been great news since I've joined this platform. I've been awarded in one of your festvilas (Striped tail) and I've recieved discounts for other Festivals (Paragon).

Joel D. Hitos

I'm glad I found this platform. I first knew about Indie for You because of an official selection from my short film, The Curse, and I didn't knew that this platform was an unique way to promote my work and a way to earn some money with it. This will help us with our festivals distribution, for shure.

Mattia Paone

It was a wonderful experience with your fest, the awards night was incredible. I hope to be selected again in your next edition and meet you again. Thanks for the award and for the emotional night.

Miguel Puga

Thanks so much the Indie Fot You Film Festival for making us part of the Festival and sharing our story. It is a highly recommended film event, where creators and the public have a meeting place and the filmmaker and his work are cared for, as well as good communication from the beginning. We will certainly try to participate in your Festival again. We wish them well

Alfredo Montesinos

We were lucky to be selected at the festival and it was a great experience. The audience award makes us very happy because it means that the project we have worked so hard on has liked people. We have loved the experience, so we can be happier. We will repeat in the future. And now we will publish on our social networks so that the whole world knows about this festival. Thanks a lot! Greetings from Spain!

David Tc

Throughout the process of the Focus Doc Indie Film Festival I have been very well informed, and I have been able to follow the evolution of the festival at all times. You have given me the opportunity to know new projects, short films of different genres and other artists or filmmakers, having the opportunity to share them with people interested in such projects. I must highlight the good organization of the web, its festivals, and sections, for example the collections. This online website and its festivals give us the opportunity to open doors to new filmmakers, promoting their creations and all their work. It is also a good way to train ourselves through the other works presented, comments or reviews from the audience and fans. I have felt accompanied by both the organization and the fans, who have followed my work and that of the other participants. I was delighted to be part of this online edition in March at the Focus Doc Indie Film Festival. Thank you so much for everything!

adolfo aliaga

It was for us the first time to attend an online festival and it was a very entretennet experience. Everything went fluently and it became a great evening watching great independent films Made by film fashioned people . Thanks to all and hoping to see you at future events.

Jason Sheedy

Overall we had a great experience - solid communication paired with genuinely thoughtful ways to help promote films and filmmakers.

Filmes do Gajo

Being part of the 3rd Edition of the Independent Documentary Film Festival Legendary Doc was a legendary experience!! It was great to be invited to present our short documentary Circus Movements to this wonderful festival in Indie For You!


I have attended this 4th Edition of the CONSONANCE Music & Dance Film Festival for dedicating myself to directing silent films that, through music and dance, tell a neorealist story in a humorous way about a complex social issue where the economy is in the hands of corruption that hides its prey in Tax Havens. It has been my debut work made with a very low budget since both the script and the musical themes are composed and sung by me while I act in the action as well as directing. I have based myself on the style of the inimitable "Charlot" and this festival has understood the effort, the sound quality of the musical themes and the plot. I am grateful for the award that will serve as a stimulus for more complex work in which I am involved. The festival team excellent in its forms and in its clear and careful information. Much needed festival for INDIE movies. / He acudido a esta 4ª Edition del CONSONANCE Music & Dance Film Festival por dedicarme a dirigir películas mudas que por medio de la música y la danza cuento una historia neorrealista en clave de humor sobre un tema social complejo donde la economía está en manos de la corrupción que oculta sus rapiñas en los Paraísos Fiscales. Ha sido mi opera prima realizada con muy bajo presupuesto ya que tanto el guión como los temas musicales son compuestos y cantados por mi a la vez que actúo en la acción además de dirigir. Me he basado en el estilo del inimitable "Charlot" y este festival ha entendido el esfuerzo, la calidad sonora de los temas musicales y la trama. Agradezco el premio que me servirá de estímulo para trabajos más complejos en los que estoy involucrado. El equipo del festival excelente en sus formas y en su información clara y cuidada. Festival muy necesario para las películas INDIE.

hermann kayode

The Indie For You Film Festival and particularly the 4th edition is one of my best experience ever ! That 4th edition is special cause its my first time winning an International AWARD in an Festival I never expected even to be selected first especially viewing all this tough competitions wich i salute My first time also getting an official DIPLOMA of excellence after my victory with my 2d animation "Love and Core" on Best Art animation category My first time also getting an opportunity of streaming my own work to an audience ! So to finish, a Big thanks to the community, the fantastic core Team of this festival for all of this !

Lia Beltrami

RushDoc is a very special festival. He was among the first online, but he also has the possibility to present his own film and comment on it. It is very useful and connects with the public. I highly recommend it.

Novanima Production Company

As a production company we really appreciate how the communication is working with festivals of this platform and also the opportunity to earn few money that allow us to do our diffusion job with more festival. Beside we are very proud and honored of the Audience Award one of our new animated short, Montagne by Louise Cailiez, just win at the MAGIC MYSTERY FILM FESTIVAL ! Thank you so much

Samuel Robinson

And I like the opportunity for any filmmaker to find his fans!

Samuel Robinson

I like bonuses. I like that I can watch films, attend festivals and earn real money